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TecInfo Communications began in 1995 as a dial-up Internet provider. By 1997, we had begun designing and implementing WANs (Wide Area Networks) for multi-location businesses whose operations today, span 14 states. Industries being served range from Manufacturing, medical, agriculture & banking. With that experience, today, we consult and manage a combination Phone Networks, WAN and Internet connections, which in most cases include the management of routing, Firewalls and billing associated with each location. In addition to our additional Internet Solutions which are Fixed Wireless & Broadband Services (Cable, DSL & Fixed Wireless), we are often asked to troubleshoot and resolve other internal network issues for clients, resulting in the responsibility of managing network security, Firewall Management, Fail-Over for businesses who cannot be without Internet connectivity, replacing and installing Hosted PBX Services and SIP Voice Service, implementing VoIP Fail-Over for all phone lines sustaining the functionality of the PBX during outage situations, Data Disaster Recovery & Backup. We are Problem Solvers who support what we sell.

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