Welcome to ClearChannel TV

The TV you love – without the hassle of contracts, local station battles or weather issues.




Why ClearChannel TV…

Tired of the constant local channel whiplash, weather issues and constant price hikes from your current TV provider? Yea, us too.  With ClearChannel TV, we’ve taken all the things you love, and removed the frustration typically associated with the “big guys”. This isn’t a streaming service that offers static blocks of channels that don’t include the major names you know – this is real TV, from TecInfo.

Watch Your Sports in HD

 We have all the sports channels covering national and regional sports events including the SEC network, NFL network, Golf, Tennis and Outdoor channels.

Select Your Channel Package

CCTV Bronze

Basic Cable
$ 34
  • Most Affordable
  • Includes Local Stations
  • Includes Music Channels

CCTV Silver

Expanded Basic
$ 94
  • Great Value
  • Includes DVR and Instant Rewind
  • 80+ Channels!


Expanded Plus
$ 118
  • All Digital Tier
  • Includes Enhanced HD
  • 150+ Channels

Already a TecInfo Internet customer? 

A Real Remote.

Yes, it has numbers so you can easily tune to your favorite channels.

We’ve built in the ability for our remote to control your TV (volume, input) and your set-top box, all in one.