DSL Internet Solutions

TecInfo’s DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service provides you with an internet connection that is up to 50 times faster than a standard dial-up connection. DSL technology uses existing 2-wire copper telephone wiring to provide a reliable, high speed internet connection to your home or office.
No phone line required! This constant internet connection allows you to launch your browser and speed through the internet without the hassles of busy signals or dropped connections. Our DSL Service will also enable your home or business to connect multiple computers to a single connection. This dedicated connection will increase your productivity by enabling you to download large files faster.
Take advantage of TecInfo’s DSL Service and provide your home or business with the following key benefits:
• Always-on service instant browsing
• No disruption of phone service, no extra line
• Cost effective
• Multiple computers on a single connection
• Great speeds for gaming
• Fast downloads with speed up to 6 Megs
• Superior Technical Support


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