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For over 20 years, TecInfo Communications has been bringing the future of Internet connectivity to the Mississippi Delta region. Today, Fiber Optic availability allows us to once again raise the bar in Internet speed and reliability. With speeds reaching up to 1,000/Mbps, Fiber technology is the next evolution in business connectivity. Services including HD Video, Backups, and more perform effortlessly across all devices. Choose the most reliable connection available. Our Business Fiber Services are available nationwide and are built to exceed expectations.


Mississippi Delta residents this area is for you!
TecInfo Communications is proud to announce its anticipated build of a fiber-ready neighborhood or FiberHood” in Leland, Mississippi. With services up to 350Mbps, select Leland residents will have the opportunity to choose the fastest, lowest latency Internet connection in the area. With packages starting at only $55/month, don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your home value and do everything you love online faster.


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Leland, Mississippi

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