LTE Internet Solutions


We understand that your business can’t wait especially for Internet service repairs. Time is indeed money, and no one likes losing money, time or patience. With that understanding in mind, TecInfo developed a suite of Internet backup solutions that provide complete redundancy in the event of a cable cut, power outage, or equipment failure. Using a mix of Internet connections, TecInfo can dynamically route traffic to any available connection, ensuring your business is always connected. See how it works:

FARM CONNECT: Designed For The Farm

Farming is a way of life in the Mississippi Delta, and FarmConnect is there to help. Whether its moisture sensors, grain dryers, wells, pivots, or tractors, FarmConnect can ensure they are accessible and manageable. By providing no-contract LTE data plans, FarmConnect allows you to dynamically activate and suspend service to your individual endpoints on a month-month basis, saving you time and money.


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