About US

TecInfo Communications began in 1995 as a dial-up Internet provider. By 1997, we had begun designing and implementing WANs (Wide Area Networks) for multi-location businesses whose operations today, span 14 states. The industries we serve range from manufacturing, medical, agriculture, to banking. With that experience, we consult and manage a combination of VoIP systems, Local Area networks, and WANs (or Internet connections). In addition to our Internet Solutions (fixed wireless, LTE, and Fiber), we are often called upon to help troubleshoot and resolve internal network issues for clients. TecInfo will always answer this call because we want to see your business succeed. This relationship results in a sense of responsibility for our clients. This is why we, along with Our IT Department, will work to implement as many headache saving services as possible into your daily operations. These include managing network security, Firewall Management, Fail-Over Internet service (SD WAN), replacing and installing voice systems, implementing VoIP Fail-Over, and Data Disaster Recovery & Backup. We are problem solvers who support what we sell and love what we do.