New SD-WAN Service

Our standard business phone lines or (POTS) lines utilize your existing building’s wiring to provide an economical replacement for traditional phone service. This digital service can be provided over your existing Internet connection. When purchased in conjunction with our Business Continuity services, we deliver a communications platform that continues to function – even in the event that our primary wired Internet connections fail.

Frustration with your Internet performance, whether “The Internet is Down Again” or “My Call Dropped” or “I can’t get to our Business Data in the Cloud” or “Why are we paying so much for Internet Service that doesn’t work”, is all too common. And… like virtually all businesses today, your business depends on the Internet being up and operational, to simply get you and your staffs businesses work done. Without Internet, there is no access to cloud Hosted Business Applications, Hosted VoIP Phone Service, Credit Card Process and so much more. Depending on a single point of failure means that you are taking unnecessary risks. 

Business Continuity increases Internet dependability and stability, will eliminate phone outages, enable your ability to process online payments and position your business to be available to your customers when they need you!

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