Smart Home Ready

With TecInfo internet, you can make your home smarter. As the smart home becomes a reality, the marketplace is over run with devices. You can control everything the comfort of your phone these days. We have been doing our research to best serve all of you. Below, are some products we have experience with, and would recommend for your smart home needs.

As we have grown, we have come across issues with WiFi reach in larger or older homes. We recommend one of the Mesh Systems below if you notice any dead spots in your home.

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Home WiFi Mesh Sytems

Stream It All

Ready to Play Smart TV's

WiFi Remote Cameras

Video Doorbells

Make your Home Smarter

One of the more useful devices will be a smart home hub. This device can connect all your smart home devices, giving you the simplest use of your smart home. We recommend the Amazon Echo Show or the Google Nest Hub. As you are outfitting your home, it is important to insure devices work with Alexa or Googe Assistant if voice control is a wanted Feature. 

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