Product Resources

Q. How do I check my Voicemail?

A. Typically, the voicemail button on your phone will access your voicemail box. The voicemail button has an envelope symbol on it. Alternatively, you can dial *123 to access your mailbox. 

Q. How do I access someone else’s Voicemail?

A. You can dial *124 to access another user’s mailbox. You will be prompted for the extension number of the user and their mailbox password.

Q. How do I enable Call Forward Always on my phone?

A. You can enable the call forwarding service for your extension by pressing the “Forward All” key on your phone – then enter the 10-digit number/destination and press “ok”. If your phone does not have a “ForwardAll” button, you can dial *83+(10-digit destination number) e.g. (*836626869009) and press the dial key. A message should play indicating that call forwarding has been enabled. You can dial *84 to disable call forwarding at any time.